[weddings: Joel & Avin Pt4.]

... part FOUR.

... so after a really fun time getting the "in betweens" done, we rushed over to the Abbotsford City Hall for the family-session.  

It was cold ... not sure why they tested the water *grin*.

This necklace had incredible sentimental value.  It had been in the family for generations - and I'm afraid I don't remember quite how far back exactly - but I believe it was back to the 1700's.  Avin proudly wore it for all her family photos ... 

These were two large families - and there was a lot of groupings with special people.  I can't pick and choose *grin* - so I've just chosen the two immediate families to show ... 

After the family pics, we were to head straight to the reception.  We were BANG on time - until ... well.  The car that Joel and Avin were in didn't start.  Everyone had left, except for me - which meant I got to be their chauffeur.  They all piled into my car and I felt so privileged.  I mean - really.  Who gets to spend THIS kind of time with the bride and groom?  I love my job ... 

I snapped this pic - just as a little reminder *grin*.

 The venue was lovely - bright and cheery.  I loved the chinese lanterns - and the guests - they always make a party, a party *grin*. 

Joel's sisters sang ...

 I didn't stay long - but what I did see and hear such wonderful things ... Avin, Joel, what an immense privilege it was to be a part of your celebration.  Your story has touched me so much, and I pray so much blessing on your lives as you continue to put Him first in all you do!

Thank you for choosing me *smile*.

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