[Weddings: Joel & Avin Pt 3]

... part 3.

Well ... the rain held off - and it felt like we had all the time in the world.  The "in between" pics is the place where a photographer can afford to be edgy ... As I prefer candid-style photography during the actual event, this part of the day lets us all exercise our creative juices.

We left the church with the plan of heading straight to Fort Langley ... 

So.  Let's see.  There was sunshine.  A handsome groom.  A stunning bride.  And a street that went off to neverland.  


We didn't quite make it straight to Fort Langley ...

... Joel is not afraid.  Seriously not afraid.  He'll break into song at any given moment - I believe this time it was "Everything I Do, I Do It For You."  And he didn't just sing the verse ... oh no.  The verse, the chorus, the bridge, back to chorus ... He was one happy guy.

I know I say it a lot - and I'm sincere every time.  But these images ... this couple ... some of my absolute faves ... 

I mean ... REEEEEALLY.  Are you kidding me, Avin??  Stop-traffic-stunning.

After the random street in Langley ... we headed back towards Fort Langley where the rest of the bridal party was waiting ... oh.  But wait.  There's a field ... let's pull over, put on our hazzards and ignore the honking and swerving.  

Instead of city chaos - it looked like we were in the middle of no where ...

 And these two acted like they were all alone too ... hey, guys.  I'm still here *grin*.

Well, we eventually got to Fort Langley where - yes - the Cranberry Festival was being held.  That meant road closures, a bazillion people, busyness, craziness ... and the light at the end of the day was leaving.  But all was well ... this gang was still all smiles ... 

 ... some in the bridal party even stopped to get freshly made kettle corn, in the true spirit of the festivities.  And what do you do when you accidentally spill the just-bought-popcorn in the middle of the street - as a multitude of people stand and watch you photograph a bridal party?  Why, you get down on the ground and take a picture.  Right?

... we were done the "inbetweens" and needed to head to Abbotsford quickly.  The two families were waiting for their photo session with Joel and Avin at City Hall ... and there was also a reception to get to ...

And yes.   My camera never stops.

I didn't stay long for the reception ... but I'll have a small post on a chosen few family pics and some moments I was able to snap in the first bit of the reception ...  Come back for the conclusion of "Joel and Avin."  Wow.  That sounds like a soap opera, no?

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  1. HONESTLY! Avin has the greatest legs Ever! And Joel... you have the best dimples. ;) wait a min... do you even have dimples? ( I'm pausing to scroll up the screen) Nope. Sorry... your babes getting the comment this time. okay.. you look handsome.