[weddings: Joel & Avin Pt2]

... part 2.

This couple's heart is for all things Godly.  And their ceremony reflected that so very well.  The music was reverent and joyful - with lyrics of promise and praise.

Avin came down the isle in all of her beauty, as Joel tried to be strong.  But Joel is a lovely man, and not ashamed to show his joy through his tears ... 

Worship was an important part of this Christian ceremony ... the music was so lovely.

And their vows were thought out and prepared ... words full of commitment and gratitude - very powerful, very real.

And when they were announced as Mr. and Mrs., the place erupted.  And I think these two had a hard time containing themselves *grin* ...

They immediately hosted a "stand up" reception to honour those guests who came to celebrate with them.  It was a casual party - the best kind - and Joel and Avin spent their time just enjoying everyone who had come out ... 


... and then off to the "in between" pics.  And my oh my, did we have a good time.  That's coming up next ... come back for more - soon *grin*!

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