[family: Carson, Brenda & The Gang ... Pt.2]

... Part 2.

Where was I?  Ah yes ... the whole gang.  Carson and Brenda wanted a photo with the boys.  Seemed simple enough *grin*.  And with those cute faces - how could you go wrong?   Grandparents and grandkids - a truly fantastic thing.  The joy that grandchildren bring ... so huge.  You can see it all over Carson and Brenda's faces ... 

(meanwhile ... )

Then ... a mom and her daughters.  Daughters from different mothers, but daughters just the same.  Honestly, what a gift to have her sons choose so well ... All I ever hear is how highly respected Brenda is ... how incredible she is.  Really.  I'm not making this stuff up *grin* ... her children have "risen up and called her blessed."

And the men.  For everyone who has three boys - this is what you have to look forward to.  A brotherhood, a camaraderie.  I think it's such a great thing ... To raise three boys who have such discernment, strength of character and wit - speaks so highly of their father-figure.  Carson's done a bang-up job ...  

Brenda with her boys ...  this actually gets me teary-eyed.

Carson with his boy's girls *grin* ...  Oh how he loves them.

Well ... despite all the fun pics that were taken, the whole purpose of this shoot was to get one good group shot.  No pressure *wink* ... especially with three little boys ... and three big boys *grin*.

See what I mean *grin*?  JERE.

And then?  The money shot ...

To the entire Pue clan ... THANK YOU.  So glad to have been chosen ... so glad to have gotten to spend time with you all together.  

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