[family: Carson, Brenda & The Gang ... Pt.1]

That's right.  Part One.  I haven't even started this post, and I know it's going to be too much to show in one shot ... so - here 'goes.

Where do I start??

I've had the privilege of taking family pics within this family HERE ... a maternity shoot HERE, a newborn shoot HERE and HERE ... Yeah.  I like this family ...  And for a gift to their Mom and Dad, the whole gang pitched in to get some much-needed family photos ... and I was asked to help out.

Carson & Brenda are the NEATEST people.  They've raised three incredible men (yeah, yeah, I said "men" not "boys" *grin), two of which have started their own families ... and the third?  They're all waiting *wink* ... 

Carson & Brenda love each other ... respect each other.  They are known for their wisdom and their love for laughing ... those three boys must have some great stories to tell of growing up in their home *grin* ... 

Their two eldest boys have families of their own ... boys, boys and more boys.  All with strong Irish names and leader-personalities to boot.  They are going to grow up to be incredible men ... 

... what this family will do to make Mac smile *grin*.

And their youngest, Jon?  Come on, Jon ... her finger's lookin' and little bare *grin*.

Then there are the grand kiddies.  All so striking with their good looks ... Now little Liam is so bang-up with personality, you can see the sparkle in his eyes a mile away.  He was mighty interested in my camera ... at first *grin*.  Got right up close ... 

 Then I attempted at getting a group of the boys together.  Notice I said, "attempted" *GRIN*.

 So I opted to wide angle it a bit ... Liam wasn't all that interested in my camera anymore *grin*. 

And Landon ... handsome Landy ... Those eyes are gonna get you any girl you want *grin*.

And Mac ... just starting to walk, almost a year old - and already trying to keep up with his big-boy cousins, and he loves his Auntie Kristin ...

But then all three boys stayed still for a ... split second *grin*.    But poor Mac was just about done.

So ... then there were two *grin*.

I have a WHOLE other post I'm working on ... family group shots and some candids.  So make sure you come back to see what's coming up soon ... I'll be sure to let you know *wink*.

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  1. Oh my goodness - I LOVE these!! I laughed looking through them - the ones of the little boys are soooo good - perfect reflection of life with 3 boys :) Can't wait to see more!

  2. This makes me want to go give Landy a big smack on the 'yips' (as he says). Amazing Tawn!!!

  3. Carson & Brenda,The NIELSENS are watching your life unfold with your three sons, daughter in-laws and now your grandsons. Those are amazing family photos. One day I hope to gather our three sons together for our starting chapter of photos of our family. We think of you guys aften and then we see Carson on TV. WOW! Brenda you look as beautiful as you always have. Luv Angie