[family: Lisa and her Kiddies ... ]

Many photographers have a way that they "give back" and I when I started my business I wanted to do the same.  I believe that everyone deserves great photos, and I believe it's almost even more-so true for single parents.  Single parents who do their job, and do it well - amaze me.  One way I'm able to honour them, is by giving a single-parent discount to those who are raising their children on their own.

So - meet a fantastic mom that I had the pleasure of meeting recently ... Lisa.  And before I get to the photos - let me just say that her kids were simply amazing.  They were polite, obedient and Lisa had a quiet strength about her that earned their respect without her having to demand it.

Isn't she lovely?

We met just a few blocks away from my house - and it was a not-a-cloud-in-the-sky kind of a sunny day.  Lisa had a few ideas that she wanted - and I got right to work.

I love taking "candid-style" images ... I love the way a mother looks at her child.  I love capturing that - so that the child can actually SEE it.  Her kids will always be able to look at these images and know how their mother feels about them .... 

Lisa - what a pleasure it was to be chosen to capture your beautiful family with my camera.  You are an incredible mom, doing an incredible job ... 

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  1. Lovely pictures, great family and awesome photography.