[maternity: Joel, Angie & KIdlets. Pt2.]

... Part2.

Maybe it's because I have three of my own - but I really connected with how Angie was feeling during this shoot.  Excited, done, maybe a little sad that it's all going to be over soon ... you go through a lot of emotions when this could be your "last".  

So these pics were so important ... hmmm.  Kinda makes me wish I would've gotten some with my last pregnancy.  But hey - I'm short and am NOT built to carry a baby ... unlike Angie, who was glowing - literally.

 ... isn't this barn magnificent?

Jakob and Rayah seemed to be taking the new baby idea in stride.  I wonder how Rayah will do with not being the "baby" anymore *smile*.  I think she'll do just fine ... her and big brother Jakob are going to be pros ... 

Ok.  I've taken a LOT of "silly" pics of kids ... but this one takes the cake for me.  Jakob and his "x's" for eyes ... made me LAUGH!!  Somebody watches cartoons *grin* ... 

One thing I love to do, especially on a maternity shoot with family members, is have each parent photographed with each child ... Soon, the family dynamic will change - and these are special moments.  Each child is such a blessing ... this family is only complete with everyone in it.  I love that.

Is it a boy?  Is it a girl?  No one knows ... I've got bets on a girl though.  My little girl had a "ladybug" theme throughout her first year (her nursery, her birthday party, her halloween costume ... ).  And during our shoot?  A little ladybug landed on Angie and she smiled ... Obviously - that's just something that happened ... but I don't know.  A little baby girl ... could be?  

But if Jakob has his way, he'll be greeting a little brother ... teaching him about building, jumping, fort making, digging ... brothers are so great too ...

SO.  We shall see.  I'm scheduled for a newborn session with this lovely family ... so stay tuned!

Joel, Angie ... thank you so much for your flexibility with scheduling.  I am so glad that it all worked out and that I had the opportunity to capture your growing family with my camera.  I look forward to seeing your new little bundle with all of you, really soon!

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