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I'm a Nikon girl.

My first SLR camera was actually a Pentax ... then I moved to the Nikon D40, then to the D60.  My current camera, which was a splurge at the time when it came out, is the D300s that I am anxiously wanting to upgrade.

Purchasing a new camera in the 21st Century is a royal pain.  Why?  Because the consumer KNOWS that if they wait just a little bit longer, something better is sure to come.  The company probably is already two prototypes ahead ... beh.  So that's what I've been doing ... waiting - not prepared to spend a whack load of money on not ex-ACT-ly what I want ... 

The Nikon D700 came out last year (I think it was last year??), and it was so tempting.  A full-frame, compact camera ... but it didn't have a dual slots and the 12.1 megapixels was disappointing.  

So.  I've continued to wait.

Rumours of a D4, which would be in the professional series of cameras from Nikon, has stirred up a lot of hype - but with no satisfaction.  Nothing has come of the rumours ... but now?  The D800 MAY be the answer.

According to many sites now, Nikon is to be introducing the D800 THIS MONTH (glory, hallelujah) ... and I am slightly losing my mind.  It boasts 36megapixels ... good freakin' grief, that is a lovely thing.  It's a full frame (FX) and also has duel card slots.  All of the other bells an whistles (HD movie capability, high ISO numbers ... yadayadayada) are all there too.

AND it's not a monster camera, so I won't be forced to wear wrist bandages within the next five years ... 

EEK.  Hold me back ... 

The price tag?  Well ... more than the $2600 pricetag for the D700.  And less than the $5500 pricetag for the D3S.  They're quoting about $3900US .... heafty, yes.  Worth it ... YES.  At least I think so *grin*.

I look so forward to continue to invest into what I do, to learn and to provide the very, very best in equipment for my clientele.  But once I get my hands on this camera, I juuuuuuust might need to get that zoom lens that I've been dreaming of too ... shhh.   Don't tell my hubby *wink*.

(Don't worry.  He knows).

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  1. Only 81 days til Christmas... [wink]

  2. ... Christmas?? Beh ... how 'bout American Thanksgiving *GRIN*