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I have known Ruthanne for a very, very long time.

Our parents were involved in the same church, back in New Zealand, and when her family decided to immigrate to Canada - it was our home that welcomed them.  I remember her as THE cutest 4 (or 3?) year old ... her little accent; her dark, silky hair; and how she would sit on my mother's lap *grin*.  Oh yeah ... I was jealous - but I had to admit ... she was pretty irresistible.  

Of course, she grew up - and our families have remained very close over the years.  She had two beautiful daughters has focused on continuing her own education.  Life threw her some curve balls along the way, but the joy she has today is obvious ....

I always say, that I have no idea how single parents do it.  The time, the energy it takes to be a good parent - and not having a help-mate to tag-team with.  I don't know how people do it.  But Ruthanne does, and does it well.  She is strong, articulate, intelligent ... and I'm sure you'll agree ... beautiful.

Her eldest is Hannah.  Lovely, sweet ... responsible.

... and Laryen.  She wasn't all too sure about having her photo taken.  In fact, there were tears to start.  But she warmed up - and I was able to capture that amazing smile of hers ...

If you've been following my family posts for a while, you'll know that the "silly face" pose is a standard for me.  Why?  Well - kids love to be silly.  They love to be told they can do something that normally they're not supposed to - especially during photo taking.  I find that it loosens everyone up, it encourages relaxed conversation between everyone ... 

... and the most natural smiles.

All three girls are in dance ... I am NOT a dancer.  But these are apparently the first three poses *grin* ... 

The property we went to was owned by friends of Ruthanne.  So many little nooks and crannies ... and a deserted truck to boot.

The driveway was lined with the most spectacular trees. 

... it was nearing the end of the shoot - and the girls were pretty much "done".  You can tell by this pic ... it wasn't supposed to be "silly" *GRIN*.

Ruthanne, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your special family.  Your girls are lovely, you are lovely.  I had such a sweet time with you all - and I look forward to watching your girls grow into incredible women.

As a side note for all the readers - I offer a 25% discount to all single-parent photoshoots.  This is just one small way that I feel I can honour those who tirelessly do life well.  I am amazed.

For all enquiries, please contact me at RedHanded Photography HERE and click "get.in.touch".  Thanks!

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