[maternity: Casey & Christa]

Oh, I just LOVE a story with a happy ending.

Casey & Christa have been married for close to a decade, and have stood firm on the promises they knew God had given them.  They would have a little girl.

The road has not been an easy one with doctors telling them it was not possible, and time ticking on.  When was God going to come through for them?  What about His promise?  When, when, when ... 

It took some brave steps ... specifically, Christa getting a "baby dedication" outfit.  In Pink.  She was pretty sure that everyone would think she was crazy ... but, she believed and Casey stood beside her.

And the next thing they knew ...

Well.  Maybe not that fast ... but pretty close.  And now?  Pure love, pure happiness - and so much excitement.

This couple was so so so beautiful.  Not just outwardly, but the inside of them shone.  It was hard to not take a good photo, with such obvious joy.

And have you ever seen a more beautiful woman.  As someone who's been preggo a few times, I assure you - not everyone looks like this *smile*.  I sure didn't .... Christa defined "glow".

So beautiful.

Casey and Christa, I wish you every joy possible as you prepare for your little girl. May your home continue to be filled with the excitement that comes in knowing that He's in control of it all ...

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  1. thank you so much Tania, you were fantastic and great job shooting.
    We are so blessed and God is so faithful, He deserves all the glory, He is worthy, He is everything and our desire is that through our story and through our lives Christ would be glorified and people would know the hope that is only found in Jesus. Thank you Lord!!!!!
    Casey B

  2. I love the one of them on the bed and the bare belly with the cute little shoes to the right of the belly...ahhh, just precious!