[weddings: Joel & Avin - Pt 1]

Joel and Avin ... Avin and Joel.

Sitting in a tree *grin*.

And then their wedding day came, and I had the crazy privilege of being a part of the celebration ... and a celebration, it was.  

You may remember this stunning couple from their recent engagement shoot.  I knew that if their wedding was half as fun as that session, it was going to be a great time.

My day with them started at a friend's home, where Avin and her girls came to finish getting ready for the day.  Avin arrived with a smile on her face ... and let me tell you - you may have heard of a million-watt-smile, but if you haven't seen it ... Avin has it.

The joy was obvious ...

Avin is SUCH a fun person ... seeing her with her girls, laughing, acting silly - it was light and  relaxed.  But when I asked to take a few photos with her mom - Avin immediately got emotional - the good kind of emotion.  Her mom was special to her ... 

To know Avin, is to know her heart.  She radiates a beauty that is contagious.  She knows her purpose, she knows her vision ... and she knows how to make everyone around her feel their importance.  

The church they were married at is my home church - and this was my first wedding there.  So exciting ... and the rain was holding off - which was a miracle in itself after a week of crazy amounts of rain.  Joel and Avin must've had the the "red telephone" to God that day ... He heard their prayers and there wasn't one drop of rain until the after the reception began ...

It's always interesting meeting the gaggle of men in the wedding party ... there is usually a comedian, a quiet guy, a nervous guy ... and Joel was all of those wrapped into one.  He was so excited - but so, so ready.

And Avin?  ... SHE was ready.

The vows that Avin wrote were hush-hush, but I would find her constantly going over and over her chosen words.  She wanted it to be perfect - so much time and preparation had gone into what she wanted to say to Joel.  

Just moments before the ceremony, Joel became really focused.  This is a man who had waited diligently for God's perfect bride for him.  His life experiences had led him to this exact moment ... and this wasn't a time to be crazy.  It was a sacred moment.  He was ready for the new journey ahead - and ready to have Avin by his side for all of it ...

Up next ... the ceremony, the "in betweens", the reception ... come back for so much more *grin*.

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  1. Her vows are so heartfelt and beautiful. These photos are great!