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Oh.  Is it over?  Why yes, I guess it is.

Our tree is down, the Christmas village put away ... kids toys are in the process of being sorted through (notice I said "in the processsssss") ... and my bazillion photos are being uploaded for yet another bunch of pics to sort through.

And I am HAPPY about that. 

December/January are pretty calm for me, which allows me to spend ample amounts of time on my personal stuff.  Eek.  That REALLY does make me happy.

I'm working on one project right now, finishing it up for the second week of January.  And so, I thought I'd share my own family Christmas card with my RHP viewers ... just to hold you over for a bit *wink*.

Oh!  And a photo that I can share now.  I took a few family pics of them while we were away together for the weekend ... and my friend asked if I would hold-off in sharing this one until her Christmas cards were out.  And yup ... Christmas is over, so I can share *grin*.

Here's their family pic:

And here's the front of my own family Christmas card for 2011.  I love designing our Christmas card every year, I'm a bit of a fanatic about it.  Photo courtesy of Matt Kennedy Photos ... thanks to him, I didn't have to bring out my tripod this year!

For all enquiries, please head over to my RedHanded Photography site HERE and click "get.in.touch."  Thanks! 

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