[kiddies: Natalia - First Birthday.]

For the last year, little Natalia has become a special client.  I've gotten to see her every 12 weeks (on the dot, right Nicole? *grin*) ... and have had the privilege of documenting her first year.

Natalia's parents were actually in a bit of a transition with their home, and so her mom made special arrangements for this shoot at a friends' house.    It was her ACTUAL first birtdhay and Natalia was in good spirits, the lighting in the kitchen was perfect ... and so out came my camera.

Those EYES

It wasn't terribly "Canadian Cold" outside ... so off to the front porch we went.  And Natalia did really well ... until she realized she could crawl away *grin*. 

So, mom Nicole came to the rescue - and I convinced her to get in for a few photos.  As a mom of four - three boys and this little pink bundle - Nicole has her hands full.  She handles it with such grace.  And a big smile ... 

 Natalia was getting tired.  Or bored ... hard to say which *wink*.

Then we headed inside for the "cake smash".   Nicole made a perfectly-pink-and-purple butterfly cake ... it was super cute - and ready to be demolished.

 But in true "girl" fashion, little Natalia daintily picked and tasted.

 ... not even a crumb.

Finally ... after some persuading ... she went for it.  Well.  In "girl-fashion".

Jeff, Nicole ... wow!!  A whole year ... and I'm gonna miss seeing you and your family in twelve weeks time.  Thank you SO much for trusting me with this project ... I had a great time making and capturing memories of your little girl.

Are you SURE you don't want any more?? *grin*

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