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I love love love it when I get to document people's lives.  First off, I feel like it's a bit of  a "high-five".  Secondly, I'm a relational-girl ... and seeing clients over and over again makes them more than clients ... it makes them friends.

That's how I feel about Jason & Cindy.  You can see their engagement pics HERE,  their wedding pics HERE, and their newborn pics HERE.

So ... they wanted some family pics done for Christmas.  Now - due to some craziness at the end of November, we moved their shoot to December and that made things even crazier for me.  BUT this couple is so good natured, and it all worked out so great.

We met in Yaletown, at the Roundhouse.  It was a cold day, and baby-girl Jayce was NOT happy - poor little thing.  But I started snapping away - and caught some great ones ... 

It happens so often, and I just smile.  Poor parents are dumbfounded when their good-natured-always-smiling baby turns into a puddle of tears during the shoot.   If it's only for a few moments, I think it makes for some super-cute pics *grin* ... 

But then ... a few tearless moments *smile* ...

We thought we would try and get some outside shots - but it was bitterly cold.  Little Jayce was a trouper though ... almost 'til the very end *smile*.

... I love this one.

Cheeks touching ... and that LOOK on Jayce's face: priceless.

Jason, Cindy - thank you AGAIN for choosing RedHanded Photography.  It's been more than a pleasure getting to know you both over the last 2 years ... and I'll look forward to another "bump" shoot one day *grin??  

For all enquiries, please contact me by heading over to my RedHanded Photography site HERE and click "get.in.touch".  Thanks!

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