[engagement: Jason & Cindy]

I love love.

Jason and Cindy love love too ... and each other.  It's pretty darn obvious to anyone who watches them. They connect with just a glance, and laugh so much together ... I've been so excited to capture them with my camera, and yesterday's engagement shoot finally came.

Their story is their own ... and a great one at that.  Knowing each other since they were ten years old, it just seemed like the perfect fit when they decided to connect two years ago.  The way he looks at her when she laughs, the way she is so incrediably comfortable with being "her" with him ... it truly is a lovely thing.

And now they're planning their wedding at the fantasic Brix Restaurant in Yaletown.  But this couple isn't pretentious, fussy or really all that concerned about how their day is going to pan out.  They are both so calm, so relaxed, and just so happy that their day is going to come ...

I cannot WAIT to work with them again ... Jason & Cindy - what a pleasure for me to get to know you and to be a part of your wedding plans.  Your day is going to be absolutely perfect ...

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  1. Yaletown is such a great place for photos. I love the emotion in these! I think the ones near the books are my favs!