[family: Kevin, Dawn & The Gang.]

I am SO excited to share these images of this incredible family with you all ... all, being - well -  the entire world *grin*.

My story with the B-fam started when I didn't even realize it, apparently.  See, Kevin and I went to the same high-school - but he was a few years younger ... so, we didn't exactly run in the same "circles" *grin*.

He likes to make me feel bad about that ... *grin*.

But when he and his lovely family began attending our church after living back east for a while, our circles definitely crossed ... that being mainly with our mutual love for the Recovery Service at our church.

But enough of intros ... let's get to the pics.  And here - the character known as Teagan.  Full of personality ... all boy ... all "B-Fam".  *grin*

... and the exceptional beauty, Taya.  The older sis, the girl who arranges to tutor her classmates, the one taking voice lessons ... yup.  She's lovely.

... siblings.

Then there's Dawn.  I remember the very first time I met her at the church.  I said to Kev, "yeah, I'd love to meet your wife" to which he put his hands out and said, "STAY HERE ... I'll be right back!"  And as he dragged her over to meet me, her smile didn't waver.  She's a hostess ... the best darn cheesecake-maker ever, and I'm pretty sure Kev would give her the "very-best-wife-in-the-world" award.

... and Kevin?  A man who knows God and is always in pursuit of knowing Him more.  He doesn't waver, and isn't afraid to call you on things if he has to.  He's a husband, a father and friend.

... and they make a terrific team *smile*.

I had the shoot in their backyard ... and all over their property.  So many cool spots, and Dawn was so eager to try just about anything ... but first - she wanted to make sure that she had a pic with each of her kids.  Moms are known for making this happen *grin.  After all, most find themselves beHIND the camera ... 

When Dawn booked this shoot, we had this crazy idea of setting up her livingroom in the backyard ... "Really?  You'll do it??" I asked.  "Full on!!" she grinned.  White leather couch and all ... much to Kevin's horror.  After all, he was the furniture mover *grin*.

... and then, how fitting was it to have a pic on the roof of an old building on their property??  I mean ... Kev's in the roofing business so ... seemed pretty perfect to me.  And Dawn?  Scared out of her mind being up there *laughing* ... but look how calm and poised she looks!

Kevin, Dawn ... YAY for letting me do this!!  Your family continues to grow in my heart and I am thankful to know you and be challenged by you - and how you always strive to seek His plan first .

Thanks for being the perfect models *grin*.

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  1. WOW!!! Honored by your words, inspired by your talent, blessed by your friendship...... Our family will cherish these images always..... Thank you