[I Heart Faces: On Your Feet.]

This week's "I Heart Faces" contest is focussing on feet ... not faces *grin*.  And once again I was scrounging around for possible pics I could enter.  One of these days I should get it together and find out what the following week's entry is going to be ... and DO that photo.  That would make sense, eh *grin*.

You may wonder why I enter this week in and week out ... with only one of my images receiving a "Top 10" award.  Well, that's easy enough to answer *grin*.  I do it because I think having my work critiqued will only make me better ... and having other photographers stop by my site to view what I've submitted, and possibly leave an encouraging word or two ... well, those are reasons enough for me ... 

This week's entry was taken at a seaside cottage while my family was on a little weekend get-away with friends ... I love this pic.  My little girls curled toes, her unfinished bottle between her fingers ... her head turned, making me believe she's spotted a whale off in the distance (which - she didn't ... but still *grin* ... ).

Hope you like it too ...

And to see all the other fantastic "feet" compositions, head over to the "I Heart Faces" site HERE.  Or better yet ... just click this link:

... and for those who are able - thanks for your comments.  I read them all and they are so appreciated!


  1. perfect. Love the curling toes.

  2. I love the perspective and the editing technique you chose. It fits the picture perfectly.

  3. It's a great shot! Those toes are too cute :) And, I hear ya on the scrounging after shots to fit the theme, while wishing I would've had the foresight (and energy) to take one specifically for an upcoming challenge! LOL

  4. What a lovely photo of a great memory. The colors are so beautiful and the toes so cute. Great work!

  5. Love the curled toes! Those photos that take you back--this one is dreamy like that!