[newborn: Hannah.]

I had met Joel and Angie only a few weeks earlier, and am so glad that we had been smart and gotten their maternity shots done early ... because little Hannah was an eager-beaver and showed her pretty face to the world before her due date ... 

I love a girl who's knows how to not be late *grin*.

So, now Joel and Angie were thrown into being a family of five - with Jakob and Rayah quickly adjusting to being the "big" siblings ... and Angie?  She was in love with her newest little angel ... 

Rayah took her job seriously ... but she couldn't help but laugh at the sounds and "stuff" that little Hannah would do.  I don't think anything makes a child smile more than the sound of a diaper being filled *grin*.  

Angie was game for anything ... and I love the bare-shoulder-with-newborn pose.  It's natural, it's intimate ... and that little bum?  Awe, man ... so teensy, so sweet.

Hannah was WIDE awake for the entire shoot ... a five-day-old EARLY baby ... awake!  It was crazy - and Angie couldn't believe it ... Hannah was alert and acting like she'd done all of this before *grin*.  

So, because she wasn't cooperating with poses and props, I simply chose to use her dad's loving hands to show her little-ness.  These are some of my favourite newborn shots ever ... 

... then Jakob and Rayah had to have their special photo taken too *smile*!

And at the very end of the shoot, we tried to get a family pic ... the kids were pretty much "done" ... Hannah was still wide awake ... and you know what?  I love these pics ... it shows exactly what they were like ... the black and white one is my fave ... I love candid family shots.

Joel, Angie, what a pleasure to get to know you during these two shoots ... seeing you grow from four to five - and how quickly you made the adjustment ... so great.  You have a beautiful family, and I pray much blessing and rest on your home ... 

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  1. I love the ones where she is in her dad's hands! So sweet.