[family: Alice & Jayda]

I love a client who knows what she wants ... and Alice knew that she wanted pics done as soon as possible.  She called, she emailed ... and we made it happen in the small window of opportunity that presented itself.

And it happened to not be raining too ... bonus *grin*.

She knew some of my past clients, and when I posted on my RHP Facebook page, that I would be be offering a discount to single parents - and Alice leapt at it ... she didn't have much time ...  

Alice is from Taiwan and her little girl, Jayda, is going to be heading there this summer to live with Alice's family.  There, she'll be learning the language and making family relationships over the six weeks of living there.

While that's happening, Alice will be taking advantage of the extra time - and heading back to school for nursing.  It's going to be crazy - and Alice is ready for the challenge.

I loved working with these two ...  Alice in an incredible mother, and the bond between these two was lovely.  Jayda was a great listener, super polite and full of 6-year-old joy *smile*.  And Alice, well - her style and poise made me a little envious *grin* and with her intelligent conversation - time just flew.

Alice, Jayda, thank you for spending the afternoon with me and trusting me with your special moments.  I wish you a wonderful summer, full of new adventures ... and a safe return to the fall. 

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  1. The last picture just melted my heart!