[weddings: Mark & Cindy Part I]

A really wonderful love story requires two things:  a lovely woman, and  a great man.

Mark and Cindy are, indeed, both of these things ... Cindy, an incredible woman with three beautiful children, and Mark, a teacher with a heart that obviously loves life, and loves love.

I arrived at their home in White Rock on a grey Saturday at the end of May - praying that the rain would hold off.  The house was full of wedding-busyness but there was a calm about it, all the same.  Loved ones were getting ready, kids were admiring themselves in the mirrors, the father-of-the-bride was cracking jokes and making the mood light ... 

... but although I had just arrived, we were packing up and heading out.  Mark's grandmother was unable to attend the wedding due to illness, so instead - we headed to her group home and made sure that she would get to see her grandson and his bride.

After visiting Grandma, we headed back to the house ... Mark and Cindy were WAY ahead of schedule - such a great thing on a wedding day!  They were just standing around, looking at their watches saying, "... we've got lots of time ...".  Seemed like a perfect chance for me to get some pre-wedding pics, no?

... what a proud mom.  What wonderful children.

And sometimes friends are just like family.  And family really are the best of friends ...

Then, it was off to the church.

Due to the amount of edited pics, I thought that it'd be best to do a couple of blogposts *grin*.  I know, I know ... more work, more time.  But THIS is what I love.  Sharing images with you, sharing my client's stories ... so - it's not work.  It's bliss.

Come back for Part II.  And Part III *wink*.

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Thanks :-).


  1. Tania, the photo of the grooms hand in his grandma's had me in tears. So, so beautiful! Well captured!