[weddings: Mark & Cindy - Part II]

Part twoooooo ... 

Mark and Cindy's ceremony was at their parish - and their Father was the coolest, quirkiest Father ever.  He was so easy going - which is such a great thing.  There are a lot of sacred elements to remember during a Catholic ceremony, so a Father who smiles is always a wonderful thing :-).

It was a traditional ceremony - but definitely not "stuffy".  I always love the Bible readings and the traditional elements to different ceremonies ...

The Father had simply asked that my shutter not be going off all of the time ... which, if he knew me, was pretty much an impossibility *smile*.  So I sat ... and waited ... and took a pic.  And then quietly put my camera down ... itching to get another and another and another ... But even with "shutter-rest", there are so many wonderful moments to share.

... and there's one in every crowd.  Except Patrick was a groomsman ... filming with his IPhone.  Pure awesomeness.

... and introducing the Mr. and Mrs. ...

... the joy ...

... and Part III tomorrow *grin*.  The portraits, the candids, the ceremony ... so much more to share!

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