[weddings: Mark & Cindy - Part III]

... Part three?  And there could've been a fourth ... but instead, this one's just a long one *grin*.

Where were we?  Oh right ... ceremony was over, and we prayed that the rain would hold off for pictures ... and God was listening.  Not a drop.

... group photos can be a little crazy.  And if only you could see the gang of family and friends behind me ... clicking their cameras, laughing, enjoying each other.  Does it bother me?  No ... not at all. I love the energy - just as long as my camera gets priority from my models *grin* ... 

... so many pics.  Too many to share - but here are some of my faves ...

And then, it was party time.

... and some east-coast humour.  Har.  Har.  *wink*.

... so much laughing, so much joy.

And the first dance ...

... and father/daughter dance ...

... and enough of the solos.  Time to get everyone on the dance floor!

Mark and Cindy ... what an event - what a day!!  Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of it all ... and I just know that "happily ever after" is exactly what you are going to get *smile*. 

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