[family: Jon, Patti & Family - Part I]

I have two friends that I've known a very long time ... Jon and Patti.

Jon I met at church before I was a teenager ... his dad was my pastor ... Jon and I ended up attending the same highschool ... Jon and I have been friends for a very long time.

Patti I met at church camp ... she was the eldest of five kids ... I still have the notes her younger brother wrote me when I was his camp counsellor ... Patti and I have both gone through the heartache of loss ... Patti and I have been friends for a very long time.

When I had a contest here, on my RHP blog, one of Patti's and my mutual friends "won".  And when she won, she immediately contacted me and said, " ... can I give my discount prize to Jon and Patti?".

It was a brilliant idea, and I leapt at it.


Well ... because.

It's been a very difficult 12 months for Jon and Patti.  But before I get into that ... Jon and Patti have five amazing children.  FIVE.  And when I do a photoshoot, I take a bazillion photos at the BEST of times ... never mind with so many beautiful people and different combos of beautiful people *grin*.

So ... let's start with Judah.  He's the youngest ... and the cutest little man you ever darn well saw ... the mere fact that he can pull off a yellow beaded necklace shows you that his folks are  smitten with style ...

Then, there's Josiah.  I have a Josiah too ... and hey, get this - we BOTH call our Josiah's "Siah".  Why?  'Cause we're cool like that *grin* ... 

Then comes Jeremy.  He's a little stud *grin*.  He kept picking flowers for me, and making me smile during the photoshoot.  A real sweetheart.

Then comes Alexandra ... or Xandra.  She's so full of style, so funky.  I wish I was half as confident at her age ...  I'd kill for her lovely long legs too *grin* ... 

And then there's Angelica ... AKA Geli.  She has just become a teenager, and has fought the bravest fight this past year - and is totally kicking Leukaemia in the butt.  This photoshoot was taken just before her final round of chemo that she actually just started this week - and she will be losing her mohawk for the last time.  

In fact, most of the girls in Geli's family join right along with her, and shave their heads in support.  And as this is the final round - there is so much excitement as to what life has in store when this is all over.  Being able to plan life and live as a family - to get back to the hum-drum of everyday life.  That is exactly what this incredible family is looking forward to.

And Geli has even MORE to look forward to.  This summer, she'll be traveling to New York as a part of a program that the BC Children's Hospital offers.  She will be having the time of her life, sight seeing and just being a teenager ... I cannot fathom just how great that's going to be for her.

So.  Five kids ... five.  My friends have been blessed with five fantastic gifts.  And they are incredible parents ... 

So - you've met the offspring ... now it's time to meet my friends and put this family all together in a post *grin* ... 

Tomorrow :-).  Come back, k?

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