[engagement: Mat & Angela]

When I tell you this ... you probably wouldn't even believe me.  Or maybe you'll think that I made a true story just a little bit better ... 

Nope.  It's all true.

It was late spring, I was in grade 7, and all the elementary schools in our district were heading to Granville Island for the Vancouver Children's Festival.  I remember it clearly - these things are a big deal to a 12 year old girl.  It promised to be the coolest field-trip ever, and my friend was even more excited than I.  She had a crush on a boy from the other elementary school ... and that was the first time I ever heard Mat's name.

That fall we all headed to Jr. High, and Mat's locker was almost across from mine.  We had a few classes together - and he quickly became my friend.

I didn't finish school with this group - and I never really thought that anyone there would remember me.  I mean, finishing up grade 9 and then changing schools and never seeing anyone again?  Not a recipe for making life-long friends.  But ... as technology would have it - Facebook changed everything, and friends from way-back-when got all caught up like no time had passed at all.

When Mat's Facebook relationship status changed to "engaged" - I dropped him a silly wall note and said, "hey - I know of a photographer ... ".  And would you believe ... within a few weeks, he, his incredibly lovely fiance, Angela,  and I - were sharing chai tea lattes at a local coffee shop.

Honestly ... our initial meeting wasn't all about wedding plans *smile*.  Angela graciously let our talk wander to "who" and "what" and "when" ... it was the strangest and coolest thing.   Kinda hard to think that all these years later, I would be their wedding photographer.

I learned their story, their wedding plans ... and got a real feel for how these two worked together.  Their love and respect for each other was obvious ... 

I was beYOND excited.

With their wedding in September, Mat and Angela decided that May would be a great time for engagement pics.  So a couple of days ago, we headed to Campbell Valley park - and it was literally just the three of us.  It was sunny, warm, quiet ... it was perfect. 

Mat and Angela had met fourteen years ago ... and when you know it's a good thing, you know it's a good thing.  And now they were ready to make it official ... it was time to plan a wedding.

I loved ... LOVED ... hanging with these two.  Yeah, I could go on about Mat and the impact that his kindness had on my awkward jr. high life ... but I could equally go on and on about Angela - with only having had a few hours with her.  She is incredible.  Seriously.  Easy going, her smile is contagious ... and her deep love for Mat, and he for her ... well - it sure made for easy picture taking *grin*.

I love it when good things happen to good people ... 

Mat, Angela - what a privilege to be chosen by you.  I had so much fun laughing and learning with you.  To say that I can't wait for your special day, is an understatement.  It's going to be incredible.  Not just because weddings are generally a pretty great event, but because you two know how blessed you are. The depth of your commitment to each other is going to  reap so much joy ... I'm so excited for you two as you continue your incredible journey.


Hey Mat ... Mr. A would've liked this, no??  *grin*.

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  1. Tania, Thank you so much for these gorgeous pictures but more so for those heart felt words. We are so honoured having you as our photographer as well as a friend