[portraits: Brea & Baby Ella .]

There really is no greater compliment than returning business ... or even better, having new clientele from references ... how great is that??  Love it.  And I just love this new little bundle,  fresh off of the plane from Australia ... 

Nicole has let me be apart of capturing her little Natalia since she was first born.  We've had a couple of photoshoots in her little life, and when Nicole's friend was arriving from Nicole's homeland of Australia, Nicole was quick to see if I was able to fit Brea and Ella in.

Why ... of course!

Ella wasn't a newborn ... but she was also too new to sit up and move about on her own.  So we propped her up, gave her some toys and made sure to act like crazies behind the camera.  Still ... smiles were minimal ... jet-lag was winning, but little Ella was a trouper.  

Nicole and Brea had been friends since before they were teenagers ... so to have their little girls - not even a week apart in age - hanging out together ... well, it was super special.  And I thought these two moms would just burst.  And honestly - I really don't blame them.  How cute are they??

... yup.  Jet-lag was trying to take its hold.

So we headed outside for a few more shots.  The two moms really wanted some pics of the four of them together ... unfortunately, the little bundles weren't being super cooperative - but that just makes for more memorable pics *grin*.

Nicole, thank you so much - for your continued belief in what I do and how I do it.  And for introducing me to someone so valuable in your life.  Brea - what a privilege it was to snap these images for you ... thank you for letting me be a part of this!   And I trust that your visit to Canada will be one full of incredible memories ... 

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