[weddings: Cecil & Kristina]

I had met Cecil and Kristina at a local Starbucks in the dead cold of winter.  They were a shy couple, not really sure exactly how the whole wedding photography thing worked ... but they knew they wanted a small, affordable wedding package that provided them with editorial-style images.

Lucky for me *grin*.

Their wedding was going to be an intimate event - and they had no desire for bells and whistles - they just wanted to be themselves and not have to worry about their photos at all.

Lucky for me ... again *grin*.

Their ceremony was simple and full of so much support.  I love watching bridesmaids and groomsmen nod or smile in approval ... and seeing family members well up with happy emotion ...

Cecil and Kristina were married at the same location that their reception was at - and they decided that they didn't want to go anywhere for photos.  For them, all they wanted was to  have themselves documented with their friends and family ... although I did manage to convince them to do a FEW photos on their own *grin*.  

... and some of my most favourite images are the ones where there is such obvious joy.  Don't worry - I definitely got the "perfect smiley-faced" photos too *grin* ... but these ones show so much more of who these people are ...  you can't help but know that this wedding - well, it was a good thing.

So - all we literally did was walk around the parking lot of where their ceremony was held.  I had to work hard to try and come up with backgrounds without cars and people.  But Cecil and Kristina were so easy going - and were so much more interested in getting back to their party than worrying about creating the perfect image.  Which, really, makes for the most relaxed, perfect images anyways *smile* ... 

Cecil, Kristina ... thank YOU.  It was fast and furious *grin* ... those three hours went like the speed of light - and I was so happy to be able to be a part of such a special day.   Here's to a perfect "happily ever after" *smile*!

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