[portraits: My Friend Nicole.]


God put Nicole in my life two years ago - and it has been full of so many fantastic things since.  Nicole is everything I'm not ... she's spontaneous, she's a free spirit, she's easy going and full of sassy comebacks.  Nicole and I love to laugh together, to tease our husbands together ... to watch our kids play together.  I love Nicole.

And when we talked about doing this photoshoot in the desert, she was all over it ... and I love how she came out of her shell and really worked it ... I love it when a stay-at-home mom still has "it".  And yup.  She does.

And I just had to post of couple of her and I together ... Tracy was the shutter bug on these pics ... we were laughing SO.HARD.

So those are my three friends, our trip to the desert (which already feels like it was a lifetime ago ... and it's only been a week).  I'm in mourning ... but let's not talk about that.  *grin*

Right now I'm working on a wedding from this past weekend, and looking at my calendar?  Yup - busy season has officially begun *grin* ... 

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