[newborn: Natalia]

I was genuinely excited when Nicole contacted me through my brand-new RedHanded Photography site ...  I've known her and Jeff for many years - first meeting them at the Young Marrieds group at our church.  And the years since then have been full of blessing for them ... Three glorious boys ... and then ... pink. 

Introducing little Natalia.

This wasn't EXACTLY a "newborn" shoot.  Natalia was already six weeks old - but Nicole really wanted some pics to show just how little Natalia was ... and she was teensy tiny - even for 6 weeks.  And those eyes ... my oh my.  Lovely.

And I managed to convince them to have a few family pics too ... and with three little guys and a morning full of rain - I had my work cut out for me.  But this family - they were so cute!! 

We headed outside ... and the rain held off.  But it was COLD.  And these fantastic little boys really did their best to listen and hold it together ... it.was.COLD.

... I'm glad we were able to get some fun pics inside too.  Family pics that show each child's personality ... those are the ones that means the most to a proud parent.  Seeing Jeff and Nicole with their family ... it really, truly, warmed my heart. 

And at the end of all of this - we headed upstairs for this little girl to have a sleep.  And she was so, so peaceful .... so, so beautiful.

Thank you, Jeff and Nicole, for sharing your family with me.  You have your hands full - full of blessing and love ... and as these children grow up, you're going to have a home full of laughter and joy.  I'm so, so happy for you ... and pray that you will find a few moments for yourselves *grin*.

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