[event: Chloe's First Birthday]

You've seen this family before - a few times, in fact.

I photographed Nick & Jamie's wedding, did some newborn pics as well when their little girl arrived ... and I can hardly believe that a year has passed and was asked to photograph little Chloe's first birthday as well.  It's such a great idea - giving photography as a gift for a party like this.  Mom's have a hard enough time trying to get through a first birthday, nevermind having to document the whole thing too.

Little Chloe was all decked out ... top hat and all - all creations by Jamie (you can check her site out here).

It was a truly "girly" party, with the theme of "Beauty and the Beast" - soon to be Chloe's favourite movie if her mom has anything to do with it *grin*.    All the party colours lit up Nick & Jamie's basement suite, which was full of little ones playing, laughing, crying, falling ... what else would you expect?

Now Jamie really did outdo herself ... each little guest got a hand-made tutu, party hat and hairclips, chosen in a colour by the mom.  Now - my little girl was included on the invite list ... and I chose black.   Oh my word.  I was in love with all the princesses prancing around ... 

The cake was "Belle", of course.  Jamie made it, of course.  And I almost cried when Chloe got her fingers in it ... it was just too pretty.  But Chloe was a little lady - hardly attacking the cake, but definitely enjoying every mouthful.

There was an abundance of gifts ...

And I did my best to get a couchful of 1 year olds to stay still for more than 3 seconds ... All the other moms loved the idea too *grin* ... there must've been a million flashes going off.  How those kids aren't blind, I'll never know *wink*.

Happy birthday, wee Chloe.  You're going to be a BIG sister soon - so enjoy being the baby for a little while longer *grin*.    Have a spectacular year, beautiful girl!

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