[weddings: Nick & Jamie]

The wedding day began at 9:30am for me, setting up my portable studio at the bride's home. And it ended at the reception at 10:30pm ... a loooong day.

But it was SO great - I enjoy almost every moment of it. Except for the snow - it was MIGHTY cold and I was worried about my camera equipment. But the weather broke for us, and I was thrilled at the diversity of my photos due to the various weather changes. I have photos with snow, with sunshine, with overcast ... it looks like the wedding took place over an entire weekend.

I took 2300 photos. And I realize that I'm not the typical Wedding Photographer. I really am a "documentary style" photographer. I like seeing the entire story. So I took many, many, many candid-style photos ... the kind that make the client smile and say, "Oh - I didn't know that happened!!"
Here are a few of my favourites ... and please check out my official website at www.redhandedphotography.com to see more photos posted over the next few days.


  1. Fabulous photos Tania! Great job for your first wedding! Amazing work!

  2. All the pictures are absolutely amazing - you have a gift!

  3. pretty great, especially for your first wedding! one of my fav's is the one of her shoes..but maybe that's cause I am girl and love shoes:)!

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  5. Some fabulous photos Tania! You are certainly briming with ideas...and very good ones too!!
    I love the one of the bride trying to stop the car(to escape!!??) and the one of the bridesmaids holding umbrellas and the bride's train. Wonderful shots full of imagination! You are doing so very well! We will be looking for some great shots in May!!(smile) Love,
    Auntie Mary
    P.S. I deleted the first comment because of typing errors!)

  6. i LOVE your photos and your website! Makes me want to take photos too =)
    Great job =)