[engagement: Nick & Jamie]

I have started this blog to keep my clients, friends, and family up-to-date on the photography events happening around here.

I am currently preparing for a wedding on March 7, and have been spending a lot of time researching and planning. I am always concerned about the weather for outdoor photos, and am currently coming up with Plan A and Plan B ... just in case.

I took my clients, Nick and Jamie, around their town to get a feel for the type of photos they would like. I brought my camera, although I hadn't planned on taking any photos. But, of course, I took a few ... and am now very excited about working with this vibrant, young couple. They are willing to try anything, and with so many ideas I am afraid that my mind might explode before the wedding date *smile*.

Here are a few photos from that day, very casual and playful - just what my clients wanted. It was a real pleasure to shoot.

Please visit http://www.redhandedphotography.com/ for more photos. Contact information can be found at that site.

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  1. Great shots, Tania! Love the quiet kiss on the busy graffiti background.... caught....redhanded... loving in public. Awesome!