[newborn: Baby Chloe]

There really is no greater gift than that of a new life.  If you're a parent, you understand.  If you're not - it's pretty hard to fathom.  Carrying a child for nine months, planning, loving-without-knowing ... only to be greeted by the most stunning human you've ever met ... it's pretty much the closet thing to seeing God, I think.

Nick & Jamie were the first wedding I photographed almost a year ago.  They knew they wanted to add a little bundle to their family right away, and God was good to them.  Little Chloe was born healthy and pink ... a little gem of a wee one.

I wanted to do a little shoot as a gift to Jamie and Nick.  Without her belief in me - Redhanded Photography would never have been born ...


Everything about little Chloe made me hungry ... I mean - how could you NOT want to eat these toes *grin*???

or these ears??

Chloe's big brother wanted to get in on things too ... what three-year-old wouldn't??

And Nick loved the quiet moments with his little girl ...

... and wanted a pic with his ink too ...

But what was most special - was seeing this little family laughing with each other, playing with each other, loving each other.

So THANK YOU N&J for allowing me into your lives, yet again.  I wish you much love, and much rest *smile*!

** bookings for Redhanded Photography are currently filled until June.  Perhaps consider giving the gift of photography to a new mom, or for an event such as a baby shower, or first birthday.  Please go to the official Redhanded Photography site here to check booking availabiliy.  A maximum of 3 photoshoots (if there's a wedding booking) or 4 (if there are no weddings) per month only. **

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