[weddings: Wayne & Chelsea]

When it rains, it pours.  And Vancouver just didn't let up for a moment on Wayne and Chelsea's wedding day.  I was already concerned about the early sunset - and with the cloud cover, my brain started working overtime. 

The day started at the bride's home - and it was obvious that everyone was terribly excited and that so much time and effort had gone into the planning of the day.

Chelsea was my piano student, many moons ago - and a great student at that.  And I was privileged to have been asked to capture her wedding day. In fact - I went a tiny bit overboard and had to edit through 2000+ pics *grin*. What can I say ... I love candid photos.  Can there EVER be too many photos of a wedding??

Are you sensing my love for taking photos?? Seriously ... there are hundreds more  ...


This lovely, lovely couple were so relaxed - so in love. Their entire day was full of sweet glances, and soft whispers. The rain, the cold, the dark - it just made everything more cozy for them ... although a weeee bit more stressful for me.  But they were willing to brave the weather for the sake of photography - and I truly had so much fun with them ...

The question is: could they BE any cuter?  More happy?  More in love?  Nope.  Don't think so.

So THANK YOU, Wayne & Chels, for allowing me to be apart of your special day.  It was SUCH an honour!!  

I will be posting more/different photos on my website at a later date, if you're interested.  I am currently taking bookings for the summer of 2010.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, Tawn! They look great! And a HUGE congratulations, Chels - what a gorgeous bride!

  2. Simply AMAZING Tawn! You have SO found your niche (although I happen to think you have many talented 'niches'!) These are fan-flippin-tastic, to steal a word from you! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And original ... VERY original!

  3. Beautiful Shots Tawn, for all the lighting issues you could have had - you sure couldn't tell it was a dreary January day!

    I love the shot of the rings, the girls & guys in the hallways and the one of the back of them going down the stair case. B E A U T I F U L!

    Well done again!

  4. :-) thanks everyone. your feedback is the best "high five" ever!!