[portraits: Shane]

A  friend from church asked if I would be at all interested in taking a few "headshots" for him.  As an aspiring actor, it was time for him to update his portfolio photos and I was excited to help him out.

Now, there were rules to follow.  The photos needed to be "portrait" (up and down) rather than "landscape" (side to side) - although I took a FEW that broke those rules a bit ...   They needed to be waist-up, or shoulder up.  Ok.  Broke a few of THOSE too ... but hey - I  took a lot of pics.  They couldn't be "creative" (ie standing in front of  bullrushes with his arms stretched wide, face up with eyes closed - that kind of thing).  So - it was a really quick shoot ... again, not a lot of creative energy - but I still had fun, none-the-less. 

Shane's a good guy ... glad to help out *smile*!

Thanks for the laughs, Shane.  And for giving me a chance to try something a little out of my comfort zone *grin* ...

For those who are interested - I have only a limited amount of space open from now until the middle of August.  I am excited for a busy first half of the year - it's gonna be good *grin*.

All bookings are to be made through my redhanded photography site here, and by clicking "contact".

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