[portraits: Katia - 5 Months Old]

Not only do I try to document other people's lives - I try and document the ones around here *grin*.  Our wee girl is feeling "not-so-wee" ... although I'll look back in a year from now and think, "WOW - she was really little then ..."

I'm trying to remember to take "portraits" of her each month.  Oh, she gets documented A LOT in what our lives are doing together as a family but taking just her photo, every month, that takes some planning.

It's her eyes that capitvate me. They're starting to change colour ... that's ok. I'm used to that ... my boys both had blue eyes for the first year and then changed to brown. Brown is good. But blue would've been lovely

Oh, her lips are pretty yummy too ...

No - wait. It's when she sucks her thumb ... that makes my heart melt!!

... or maybe it's her toes? Yup. Her toes. That's what gets me the most ...

... her eyebrows??

Nope. Her smile. DEFINITELY her smile

Or maybe her EARS!!! *GRIN* I mean - come on - you had to notice her ears *wink*. Oh, how we love her!

And... it's actually almost the 6 month mark now ... time to start thinking about bringing the camera out for another shoot!!  Phewf!

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