[newborn: Serenity]

Not long ago, I met up with the Roger's family for a family photoshoot on a sunny Saturday morning.  Their daughter, Tina, was expecting her first child - a little girl she had named Serenity long before she even met her.

I got the email shortly after Serenity's birth, asking if I would be able to come and take some images of this new little bean.  Scheduling was difficult, but we were able to make it work eventually.  Newborn pics are tricky with babes that are older than a few days ... and Serenity was also a little overdue as well ... 

So - she may not look like a preemie *grin* ... but that extra bit of chub just makes me go a little crazy *yum*! 

Tina and I chatted about her delivery, about how Serenity was coping being out in the real world.  I'm always interested in why people name their babies what they do .., "Has Serenity lived up to her name?" I asked.  And for the most part, she has.  

Congratulations Tina, and to the Rogers family, on your God-given gift.  I pray that you will have much wisdom as you raise her, and that you will also get the much needed rest you need so you can be the best mom you can be *smile*!

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