[family: Mark, Katherine & Family]

Katherine emailed me with a simple request .., " ... we're a family of five, with three girls.  Just wanting our baby to be old enough to respond to photos."  

Well ... with beauties like these - this was going to be an easy photoshoot *smile*.

We went to a family member's property - a beautiful acre in the heart of Langley.  Soon it will be no more - if the developers have anything to do with it - and this was the perfect chance to capture more memories on this special piece of land.  

I love little girls ... and all dressed up like a princess, Avery loved having her photo taken ... 

Rebecca was excited to get a new Facebook profile pic *grin* ...

... and Brooklyn?  She could bottle up those eyes and sell them for a bazillion dollars.  They are that beautiful.

Every session is always so different ... Mark and Katherine were so easy to please.  And I loved how they interacted with each other ... and especially how uncomfortable Mark was being in front of the camera.  A laughing husband always makes for good pics ..

... aren't they lovely?

... and a weeee bit silly too *grin*.

I LOVE it when other family members are there for the shoot ... grandparents and grandkids - such a special bond.  Such a special photo ... 

Thank you, Mark and Katherine, for choosing me to take your family photos.  I had such a great time hanging out with you - and I think we need to do it a bit more often.  The sun came out for you that day, and it hasn't been back since *grin*!!

For all enquiries, please contact me by going to my RedHanded Photography website HERE and clicking "get.in.touch."  Thanks!!

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