[portraits: My Friend Tracy.]

I just got back from a few days away.  My friends and I headed to Scottsdale, AZ for my birthday weekend and we had a BLAST.  It was incredible ... I'm kinda in mourning right now *grin*.  

I wanted to do something fun and bless my girlfriends with a photoshoot in the desert.  All of us are "stay-at-home" moms, so the idea of figuring out what to wear, to get ready with the music blaring, and inspecting each other with "oooos and aaahhhhs" was the most fun I've had in a long time.  Totally selfish.  Totally rockin'.

Little did I know how much I'd love these images ... so - after getting permission from the girls - I thought I'd share a post on each of them.

First up - and in no particular order - Tracy.  Tracy is easy going, quick to smile, has a contagious laugh, speaks the truth in love, is passionate about her family ... and is stunning.

I'm sure you'll agree ... 

Trace.  You're hired *grin*.

... stay tuned for the other girl's pics.  So fun.

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