[family: The Janssens Family]

It didn't look so good ... the clouds were angry and it had been drizzling for days.  So, I called up Annika and suggested that we postpone our family photoshoot for a day that was a bit more camera-friendly.

And then ... as the day wore on, it became obvious that it was going to be a GREAT day to capture this incredible family ... and so we headed to (where else??) Fort Langley.  Man, families LOVE it there ... and there are so many places to get creative ...

What amazed me from the start, was how great Al and Annika's kids were ... they were absolute angels. The moved and did exactly as I instructed - I even had to encourage them to let loose a little *grin* ... how sweet is that?  So polite, so lovely ...

Al and Annika go to our church ... in fact, we sit in the same section and see each other often.  We've all been married for double digits (wow.  just typing that is crazy) ... and family is so so so important to them.  So when they chose me to be the one take their family photos, I was crazy excited.  And as always, a little nervous.  

But there was nothing to be nervous about ... they were models.  I couldn't get a bad image if I tried ... and the longer we shot, the more comfortable everyone became ...

We kept going from here to there, and snapping different posed photos ... and I think that these images represent them so well ... you can see the love.

... the love, with a dash of crazy.  *grin*.

I'm SO glad that we ventured out that afternoon ... thank you so much, Al and Annika, for letting me be the one to snap your family's pics ... not only are you beautiful on the outside, but your love, respect and commitment to each other is so lovely on the inside.

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  1. Beautiful photos Tawnia!! Definately a model family to shoot!!
    :0) Jenn VH