[event: Howard Birthday Celebration]

A few weeks back, I got a phonecall from a "lifer".  You know, a person that you've known forever - and when you see them, it's like no time has passed - and you know you'll see them again.  A lifer.  And my friend.

Brenda emailed me with a request to have me come to her mother-in-law's 70th birthday party, being held at the Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club.  Since it was a week-day event, I quickly made arrangements with my hubby for our kids ... and bingo:  I was in.

I wasn't sure what to expect ... I mean, I knew that it would be great - but a 70th birthday party?  Not sure ... haven't been to many of those *grin*.  But let me tell you, if you ever get a chance - you really should go to one *smile*.

The plan was fairly simple.  It was going to be a luncheon with incredibly prepared food, a room full of immediate family and close girlfriends, some speeches and tributes ... really, the most perfect formula for a great afternoon.

Patti arrived early, and was ready to greet her family and guests with such love and enthusiasm.  Each time I heard a squeel of delight, I knew another great moment was happening ... and it was continuous, with every single friend getting the same big hug and smile ... 

What I wasn't expecting was the incredible sense of friendship.  These ladies were all giggles and smiles, reminiscing about highschool and old boyfriends.  And it seemed that a lot of introductions began with different ladies grinning with different friends saying, "I used to date her husband" - and then roars of laughter.  Man, it put such a smile on my face.  These ladies were incredible.

We thought it was only fitting to have a group pic taken ... and that's when Patti's husband brought out the "lips".  Oh yes.  Red retro lips.  And each woman gladly wore theirs ... once they calmed down *grin*.

There were touching tributes by Patti's sons and husband, and a video presentation like none other ... had me in such stitches that I couldn't breathe ... 

It was so clear that Patti cared deeply about each gal.  She was the perfect hostess, walking to each table, ensuring that she had a moment with each cherished friend ... 

And the guys graciously took the back-burner and shared their meal separately from the girls ... so cute.

I think that this day will stand out in all of their memories for a long time to come.  I know it will for me - because it was such a privilege to see a woman do it SO right.  Her family adored her, her friends couldn't get enough of her ... she laughed and held herself with such charisma.  She was stunning and lovely, and not afraid to make fun of herself.  It was easy to see why she was held with such honour ...

And in true hostess fashion, each guest got a little treasure of their own ... impeccably decorated.

A MASSIVE thank you to Rob and Brenda for including me ... I'm certain that I got the best end of the deal *grin* ... what an incredible family you have and I enjoyed every moment.

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  1. LOVE the picture of Rob and Brenda!!! Thanks for posting this event...well done, Tania!

  2. comment was from Ruth :)

  3. Super fabulous! What a great event! Couldn't believe that she was the birthday girl - WoW, what a stunning lady!

    Great job, as per usual ;)