[family portraits: The Schurmann Family]

One of my favourite things about being a photographer, is reconnecting with people that I've known forever.  So when Corinne emailed me about family pics, I was thrilled.  

Peter and Corinne have the sweetest family.  Their youngest daughter was in preschool with our son and we had a chance to see each other each week and see the changes a 4 year old makes.  But after preschool, they chose to have their girls home schooled and Corinne loves being able to  impart into their little lives on a daily basis.  And their girls really are so sweet ...

There is something so special about sisters.  I didn't have a sister growing up, and so watching these two little girls laugh and play together ... it warmed my heart.

And this couple has had to walk a difficult path.  A few years ago, Peter was in a terrible car accident.  It was a very scary time, and he continues to endure through pain and discomfort.

But during our entire photoshoot, he had on the biggest smile ... watching his girls, walking with his wife ... these are moments that could've been so different.

They were such a sweet family.  The girls would run and play, never running too far off ... Peter, Corinne and I would chat it up ... talking about our life choices, our families, our faith.

Thank you, Peter and Corinne, for allowing me to hang out with your precious family and capturing some of these special moments!  It was such a pleasure ...

For all enquiries, please contact me at my Redhanded Photography site.  Thanks!

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