[wedding: Joele & Suzanne. Pt 1]

This is a different kind of post .... See.  I wasn't the actual photographer.  Well.  I WAS - mainly because there was no actual photographer for this part of their wedding day ... but I was also the sister-in-law, instructed to enjoy myself and not take too many pics.

Ha.  *grin*

See ... Joele and Suzanne opted to have a quiet, intimate ceremony with just immediate family as witnesses.  They would be getting "bridal party" photos done that afternoon, with Suzanne in her "official" gown.  There would be a party at "Brix" that evening to celebrate with family and friends ... but this part was just for family.  It was in a hotel room at the Hyatt in downtown Vancouver ... it was quick, simple, stress-free and ... lovely.

I had all three of our children, and the room was actually filled with family ... but despite the small amounts of chaos - I was able to capture some moments that I hope Joele and Suzanne will treasure forever.

It all started with some coffee ... of course.  Starbucks is mandatory, here on the Coast.

Family began to arrive in the hotel lobby.  Right where the 'Bucks was *grin*.  Convenient, for sure.

My darling children *eye roll* ... *GRIN*

We headed up to the 23rd floor (uh oh ... or was it the 24th? ... oh, who really cares *grin*.)  And Suzanne and her family were there.  She was glowing ... simple, beautiful ... glowing. 

I don't know what your family is like ... but my in-laws are fantastic.  It's ALL about "family" - and this celebration of Joele and Suzanne meant a lot of laughing, mingling ... almost to the point where we had to be reminded that a ceremony was about to start *grin*. 

The boys.  Um.  I mean, "men".

And all of us ladies ... my hubby shot this one.

Then, the ceremony was about to start ...

But you'll have to wait for the post on that *grin*.  Tomorrow.  There are just too many more pics to put in this post  ... so much love, so much happiness.

Come back tomorrow to check it out ...

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  1. beautiful!!!!!!!!! love the idea of holding the ceremony in the hotel room.

    1. thanks, Mel :-). a compliment from you is like - like - the best thing ever? Yup.

  2. Awe. Now I blush:) coming from you... That's like the best:) ha ha