[talk: Nikon D800 ... Investing.]

One of the things that an entrepreneur must do, is continue to invest in themselves ... invest in what they're doing.  And that can be a tricky thing because there are times where it feels like a bit of a gamble.  Spending money to better yourself.

I have been waiting for 2 years ... TWO years, to upgrade my camera.  My current camera is lovely - a D300S - and it takes wonderful photos.  My only issue is that it has a cropped sensor, as apposed to a full-frame.  It will be a superb 2nd camera wrapped around my neck with a prime lens ... oh.  That excites me too ... having two beautiful cameras ... 

So ... today's NIkon announcement has made me INCREDIBLY happy.  The D800 is out - and I am ready to harness all of its potential and create images that are even better, even stronger, even more "in the moment"  ... 

I am so excited.

I've put my deposit down and am guaranteed to be first-in-line for this extraordinary full-frame, 36megapixel, lightweight ... stunning ... camera.


I just have to wait until March to get it.

** insert finger tapping here **

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