[contest: "RangeFInder's People's Choice]

Ok friends ... ONE DAY.  That's all there is before the announcement is made for the RangeFinder's "People Choice Award".  I currently have 245 votes ... but the third place contestant has gained almost 200 votes in three days ... EEK.  

I need your votes!!!

I had been trying to do another contest - but haven't gain more than 1 vote - so I thought I'd start FRESH, today.  Here's the deal:

1.  VOTE for my image.
2. "LIKE" Nicole Roberts Designs FB page.
3. click the Facebook icon at the bottom of this post to have this article posted in your FB status.
3.  Leave a COMMENT on this post, letting me know you've done this.

If you have ALREADY voted, and are unable to re-vote due to having already voted - you are STILL eligible to win!!  But you need to leave a comment after this post, to let me know that you have voted - either now, or before.

That's it!  

And the prize?  

This time, win a set of 20 PERSONALLY DESIGNED cards!!!  They can be "thank yous" or maybe an invite for your child's birthday party.  Maybe you want to have some spare "happy birthday" cards, personalized saying "love Mandy" (insert yours/child's/family's name ...).  The ideas are endless ... and Nicole will design to your request!!!  How fun is THAT???

The winner will be chosen through a random draw and announced tomorrow (February 11, 2012).

SO ... please.


Go vote ... even as I've typed this ... they've gained another 2 votes.  



  1. morning,

    This is a lovely shot. I have voted & like it on Facebook. Good Luck !

  2. I just voted, can't seem o vote from my other email account though... I'll keep trying :) Nicole Enns

  3. just voted again hope you win. Rosalia cela

  4. Did all of the above :)

  5. I just tried voting again....I had already done with 2 different emails before. And I already liked Nicole's page, and I did the FB share. Good luck!!!

  6. I voted twice, I liked and I brag about you all the time...you already won in my books, Tawn!

  7. I LOVE that shot!!!! Keep entering contests, you will win one day, you are just that good! :)

  8. Lauren O'ReillyFebruary 11, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    Love this photo..and I voted :)

  9. I votEd as much as I possibly could :)
    Niki s

  10. I voted! and if i had the choice your's would be the winner!!! :D

  11. ... thank you!! Your kind words mean so much!! ... winner TBA - stay tuned ...