[contest: And the Winner Is ... ]

Before I announce who won the 2nd part of this little contest that I've been running these last few weeks, I just want to say how MUCH I've appreciated your support!  I know it was a royal pain, voting for the People's Choice Award ... but so many of you did, and so many of you did more than once.  

For some, it even became a bit personal - and it warmed my heart *smile*.  You wanted me to win so bad, but alas, I couldn't keep up with another competitor and I gladly claim a solid 2nd place.

One way I had wanted to thank my voters, was to hold my own contest - and award a prize for a random voter.  Dawn was the happy winner of the Nicole Roberts Designs scarf, back on February 1st.

But so many were disappointed :-) ... so ... I wanted to do something else.  

I chatted with Nicole, and have arranged a 2nd prize for another random winner.  The rules were simple, if you voted for me over the last few weeks at the "People's Choice" page - all you had to do was leave a comment on THIS post.  This was a new contest, so the comments on the previous post were not valid.

So ... there were 11 comments left ... and the winner?

Kristin E., lucky number 6!!!  You have won a set of 20 PERSONALLY DESIGNED cards!  They can be "thank yous" or maybe an invite for your child's birthday party.  Maybe you want to have some spare "happy birthday" cards, personalized saying "love The E-Fam".  The ideas are endless ... and Nicole will design to your request!

I'll be in touch, KE.

And again ... to everyone, THANK YOU!  But I'm officially taking a break from contests ... and getting BACK to what RHP is all about.  Photography ... ahhhhh yes.  So much better.


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