[engagement: Mark & Cindy]

Everyone's story is different ... and I love hearing every one of them.  

Mark and Cindy had heard about me from a high-school friend of mine ... and after meeting with them, I knew that we were going to click perfectly.  They were both a little apprehensive of having their pics taken - which is actually a pretty common thing - but when we met for their engagement shoot, I think they realized that the whole process was pretty painless *smile*.

As residents of the beautiful city of White Rock, it was only fitting to head down to the pier for their session.  It was a gloriously sunny day - super warm - so we headed under the pier for some more intimate, shaded shots.  Well.  It was sorta intimate ... the beach girls giggles and watched - as Mark and Cindy showed them what true love looks like ... 

Whenever a photo shoot is close to home, the couple always looks to see if they recognize anyone ... and  with Mark being a local high school teacher, it was bound to happen.  But what do you know ... not a one.  We were left in peace - which is always such a great thing too ... 

... and Mark had this joke about a monkey ...  I'm so pathetic at re-telling them, so I won't thrash it.  But his humour obviously touched Cindy ... and made us all smile.

Thank you, Mark and Cindy, for trusting me with your photos.  You are such a lovely couple, and your May wedding will come soon enough ... and I'll be ready *grin*.

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