[family portraits: The Brace Family]

I love this job.

Forget that it meets a massive need in my life to be creative, this job lets me meet the greatest people.  And sometimes, it lets me reunite with people that I haven't seen forever.  

The plan was to meet in West Vancouver and hang out at the beach where their family loves to visit.  It's always such a great idea to have pics taken at a place that actually means something ...

Michael and Laura have been married for almost a decade ... but I've known Mike pretty much since birth. And when Laura contacted me about taking their family photos - I lept at it.  Taking Mike and Laura's beautiful family pics was an opportunity I couldn't pass up ... 

Their kids were just so so cute ...

Evan was full of 5 year old energy ... and being at the beach made me have to work to keep up with him *grin* ... and Isla?  She just discovered running ... and to get her to sit was pretty much not going to happen.   And how could I blame her?  It was the perfect place to be a kid.

And a few mommy and me pics were taken ...

And it wouldn't be a family shoot, without some family pics.  Right?

Stunning, aren't they?

And when I asked Mike and Laura if there was anything in particular that they wanted to make sure was captured - the biggest thing was a photo of the two siblings together.  Sounds simple enough, no?  *grin*.

And I'm still going through the pics ... I've managed to get the session down to just over 200 photos.  That's a lot of editing ...

Thank you, Mike and Laura, for allowing me to photograph your incredible family.

For all enquiries, please contact me at Redhanded Photography.  Thanks!


  1. Love the shot of the family against the fence, that needs to be on a canvas...just a beauty! Well done Tawn!

  2. The picture of Evan looks EXACTLY like Mike did as a little boy!

    Great pictures :)


  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! I love the one of Evan and Isla sitting side by side on the stairs.

  4. Oh goodness! My favourite one is the second to last where that gorgeous blonde child is just LOOKING with these huge blue eyes. Fantastic.