[family: Hank, Annette & The Gang.]

There are a couple of organizations that I've donated my services to - a small way that I can help raise funds for their events.  Annette bid and won the photography session I donated to LCS back in the fall of 2010.  Now, due to circumstances, we were unable to get the session in before the expiry date of October 2011 ... but with some of her family being in school back east - well - I had to make an exception *smile*.

I'm so glad that I did.

We met at a location that had a large enough "under cover" area, should it have decided to rain like the weatherman had been threatening.  But it didn't ... and so - the world was our oyster.  Well.  At least the park was *wink* ...

Meet Hank and Annette, a really wonderful couple.  And let me just say - I LOVE this about my job.  Taking photos of couples who haven't had their pics taken in years ...  I know that for me, 13 years after we have said our "I dos" - photos are STILL important.  Our society tells us that beauty is in youth, that looking a certain way - or posing like a rockstar - is how we'll want to be remembered and look back at our lives.

I just don't think so ... I think this couple are incredibly beautiful beyond words.  They must have such wisdom, in that their family shone in friendship and love.  These images show who they are ... and it excites me.

Ok ... I'm getting ahead of myself here ... but I just had to throw that in.

Again.  Hank and Annette ... *smile*.

Most times, it's the mom who really wants the photos taken.  And most husbands simply show up - and they know that this is going to make their wife very happy.  Hank knew just that ... and did exactly as he was supposed to for those 60minutes ... what a good man *grin*.

Their four kids ... they're far from dull.  Each one, full of personality and self confidence.  I didn't even need to guide them, really.   I was never quite sure what they were going to do next. 

Levi, the youngest ... does a mean dinosaur.  *grin*

Hanah ... she's not afraid to do the ridiculous ... and when you're this beautiful, nobody minds.

Derek?  Every time I went to take the photo, I had to snap at least three pics to make sure I got at least one semi-serious one ... *grin*. 

 And Aaron? ... why, he was smitten with Emma.  But more on that later ...

The truth is, I had to keep these guys busy or else they'd find something to do on their own. Like planking on the bleachers.  You know ... normal stuff *grin*.

Yes ... they had so much fun with each other - egging one another on, just playing around.  It almost made me wish I would've stuck it out for my own fourth kid.   ALLLLLmost. 

And Hanah is not going to be the "lone" girl for much longer.  Aaron and Emma are engaged and it's just so lovely ... 

Emma's already "family".  It was obvious.

... and then ... of course.  The random "picking-Levi-up" stuff.  *laughing*

Whatever I suggested, they were full-tilt on.  I was dying as they stretched ...

And Emma kept cheating *grin*.  Smart girl.

I just love it when parents let their kids be who they are.  Hank and Annette didn't try for a moment to make this session "perfect".   They just laughed with their kids.  It was so great. They even helped with "puttin'-out-the-vibe" ... *grin*

I don't know about you ... but perfectly perfect photos don't always tell the true story.  I think that's why this series of images gets me so pumped ... you really get a sense of WHO this family is.  They're a real team, real friends ... you can't help but think they're doing something right for their family to be THIS great ... 

Hank, Annette ... and the gang, THANK you.  Really.  For taking a chance on my little advert at the LCS auction ... for being willing to try and do pretty-much anything ... for making my job feel more like play than anything else.  

Same time, same place next year??  *grin*

OH!   And there are a few more pics that I'm going to be sharing ... kinda a "mini" engagement session.  Well.  It wasn't even really "mini".  More like a mini-mini.  But Aaron and Emma were so stunning, I have to share them on their own ...  Please note that I am not their hired photographer, and these are not their official engagement pics ... They were just a few that I snapped and looooooved *smile*.

Come back for more of those :-).

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  1. Thank you SO much, Tania, for making our family look good :) It was magic!! Just the act of taking family pictures has created wonderful family memories for us. You are very talented, an extreme pleasure to work with, and we LOVE the outcome.

    Many many thanks,
    Annette and Hank