[family: Preview - Hank, Annette and the Gang.]

I really am looking forward to sharing this session with you - and am thinking I'm going to do it in two parts.  It was a family session - more on how this session came about later - but one of the "children" is engaged.

Children.  Like how I used that word *grin*?

Anyway - I will do the full family-shoot ... and then I'm going to do a little "engagement" post.  Please note ... this was NOT their engagement shoot (I am not their photographer), but rather they're just a few pics that I took of these two on their own.

I'd just like to separate it from the others ... I'm weird that way *grin*.

SO - *drumroll* - a little preview of this family ... 

Ah yes.

So much to show ... come back soon!

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  1. Tania....these family photos are incredible! I'm not sure how they will ever choose......they are ALL amazing! I don't even know this family but it seems that you captured their personalities perfectly! Kim ironmonger