[weddings: Mat & Angela ... Part I]

Mat and Angela's love story began 14 years ago ... and on this day, they were making it official and saying their "I dos" in front of family and friends .. 

Honestly.  I could hardly wait.

Mat and I went waaaaay back - all the way to grade 8 in North Delta.  And here - some *cough cough* years later, I was photographing him and his bride-to-be on the most important day in their lives.  

I was a little eager.  I arrived 30 minutes early *grin*.

It was easy to see which home it was ... Angela's family is Italian - and my own in-laws are Italian as well.  I can spot an Italiano casa a mile away ... it was manicured, spotless, in complete order.  And even the house itself was dressed up to celebrate ... 

Angela was getting her make-up done by Sarah - yet another jr. highschool friend.  The natural light was stunning ... as was Angela.  

I love weddings where the bride and groom know who they are.  You can always tell ... there are definite trends now-a-days, and they are all lovely.  Funky, retro, vintage ... But a bride who dresses herself in the confidence of who she is, and the love she has found ... you can't beat it.  That was Angela.


Angela had two lovely jr. bridesmaids ... daughters of her matron of honour.

And I captured some moments between mother and daughter.  Some of my favourite times to photograph, for sure.

I loved this detail ... Angela had a rhinestone "A" and "H" for the bottom of her shoes ...

You could feel the love.  Angela was a very special daughter.

We headed to the ceremony location ... Redwoods.  This place is God's church ... the setting is stunning ... and the weather was absolutely perfect.

Angela and her girls waiting in the back room ...

... while Mat and his boys were busy greeting guests and making sure that everyone was welcomed ... 

The stage was set ...

... and the wedding was about to begin.

Phewf!  Ok ... that was just Part I.  I'm thinking (based on how many more images I have ...) that there will be at least three, maybe four, posts.

Man.  I reaaaaaally love my job!

Stay tuned, and come back to see Part II soon!! 

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